Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight

Stress Management

Is Your Mind Stressing You Out?

(Some tools to get beyond the struggle)

An English poet John Milton said the mind can create for us our own personal heaven or hell.  I know from personal and professional experience that we can use  the mind as a terrible weapon against ourselves, or find in it a loyal ally.  Because we do not control the mind, most of us allow it to control us with it tending to swing back and forth, if not exactly heaven or hell, a lot of time is spent in purgatory.   We have in our life story, experiences of the mind being the ally and the sabotager.

Want a Less Stressful Summer

I once heard George Carlin the comedian address the topic of vacations, and how people handle their “stuff.” People usually take a smaller version of their stuff on vacation and sequentially smaller versions to their hotel room, or to the beach etc. He was hysterical; resonating with the need we have for the familiar in order to feel more comfortable. Reflecting on this I wondered if it is the same with our stress level? Do we take a smaller version of our stress with us on vacation? Are we such creatures of habit that we unconsciously take along some stress to stay in our comfort zone?

What Does Your Busyness Really Mean?

“There is more to life than increasing its speed” (Gandhi & Desai, 1957)

Life can be likened to a deep forest and on occasion we get lost in creating our path through it. If we are determined to find our way, it is necessary to face the fears and doubts that are always lurking, keeping us stuck when we do not face them. We cannot wait until the day arrives when there is an absence of fears and doubts, as it does not happen. If the forest is a metaphor for life, why do so many of us stay close to the entry not venturing in?