Do You Willfully Look Away Because You are Afraid to Ask The Right Questions?

These thought provoking questions will reveal how you may sabotage yourself in life
when you cling to faulty beliefs.

You will discover, (if you dare to ask):

  •   You can be happier than you ever thought possible! Find out how to release the obstacles you have put in YOUR way.
  •   You are not alone. Learn how to connect with teachers, as they are everywhere.
  •   How to use the power of anger for more passion in life. Understand what your anger means and how to transcend its negativity.
  •   How to know and embrace the "missing" parts of yourself that you have pushed down or rejected. Find out what to do.
  •   The right questions will reveal your truth and the meaning of your desires and dreams.
  •   Make the most important commitment in your life, to yourself! We are limited in our personal power, unless we dare to open our hearts.

Powerful and Provocative, this eye opener contains Universal questions that we all struggle with at some time or other in our lives. Laura B. Young invites us to use these questions as a doorway into an authentic, passionate life.

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