Even if you have tried many strategies and failed,
Know that your time and efforts have not been wasted.
All of your story has brought you to this place and time, for a new beginning.

Breaking these rules and taking the subsequent steps that I offer will give you the power to bring you a life beyond your dreams. Some may consider your life a miracle.

Where do I begin?
Begin where you are right now!

You are only 3 Rules away from creating an incredible life.

If you do not break these powerful rules, you are likely to stay in a place of wondering "is this all there is?"

Begin with breaking these 3 critical, foundational rules. Once you become aware of how other people's rules are holding you back, and if you break even one; you have started a new path. Remember taking one step is never just one step, although it is the hardest and most important. The first step has the power to change you, thus change your life.

Once you break 'second hand' rules of others; every moment becomes fresh, new, interesting and alive...

It does not matter where you are on your journey it is never too late, to start.

Breaking these 3 Rules will increase your courage; reveal more of your authentic self, as well as the meaning of your desires and dreams.

At Last! 3 Rules to break, to start a life of passion, happiness and abundance.