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What Successful Women know about Manifestation: Part 4

Secrets Shared!

Many women do not value and use their core strengths when they attempt to Manifest, and adopt the cultural version of success that works best for men.  Attempts to master the masculine, logical, linear way of doing things that works well for men, causes women to become discouraged and  feeling that something important is missing.  Actually, something important is missing when women overlook their strengths and adopt the masculine patterns of accomplishing their goals. When women become determined however, uncover and work with their feminine strengths they are unstoppable.

Women bring strengths and creative approaches to bear when they are ready for change... This work shares with you, strengths and gifts that are  pertinent to women’s  success and the secrets that give them the edge.

“That which you seek is as close as the nose on your face”. Rumi.

The following is an incredibly powerful secret that women have in their arsenal for use when Manifesting.

Secret # 4: Intuition:

Women have an incredible edge here, and I’ll explain shortly.

Before I get into the positives of women’s strengths let’s look at the different ways that men and women usually approach Manifesting: acknowledging of course there are exceptions to what is usual.

This overview, certainly not exhaustive of the different approaches gives you an idea of what generally works best for men and women, when honoring individual strengths.

The Traditional Male Approach to Manifesting:

1: More at ease with logical than emotional approaches

2: Have less difficulty setting boundaries and remaining focused

3: Less apt to allow other people’s negative input to interfere

4: More linear goal setters and problem solvers as they take action towards outcomes

5: Less comfortable with feelings and tend to ignore flashes of Intuition

Until recently Women tended to follow the male model of success in Manifesting. Overall the results were discouraging, as this model does not allow space for what women do best. Have you noticed that sometimes it worked and others not so much? What I realized before I became a true believer in my own personal power is that my results were muddied at best.

Successful women know that this model does not bring them what they truly desire, and reject this linear system in favor of what is best for them, using their feminine power.

Successful women are powerful in their ability to Manifest due to using the following attributes, which are only a mere overview:

1: Able to discover and honor the power of intuition in creating success. Using their intuition they learn how to “gentle” the unconscious resistance into “allowing” new ideas, beliefs and behaviors to happen.

2:  They know and accept emotions as a powerful entryway into the unconscious, making friends with the hidden, instead of denying what is there.

3: Are open and curious in identifying faulty beliefs that stop the process of bringing the conscious and unconscious into alignment,   a critical step

4: Have less ego investment in things going a certain way, and within a certain time.

5: Open to owning and transforming negative emotions allowing the power of progression to occur or continue.

Intuition: difficult to define, in spite of the fact that it plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Many disregard this “knowing”, associating it with New Age ideas, or being connected to the psychic world. Men often associate it with the softness of “girly” ideas and subsequently ignoring a wellspring of inner guidance.

Back to intuition: Have you ever known something without a clue as to why you know it and why you are sure that it is without a doubt the truth? Hard to define but we all know it when we feel it. This occurrence is a direct hit of intuition that we all experience at some time or another. Sometimes it is more subtle but it is always there whether we acknowledge it, or ignore it.

Intuition is no longer the step-child of solid research and finally this powerful unconscious reasoning is being demystified. Recent research indicates that intuition is a critical aspect of our interactions with the environment and with each other, whether we are aware if it or not.

Successful women take time to nurture and deepen the role that intuition plays in guiding them to make the best choices.

Some self nurturing way that work in increasing the power of the guidance of intuition are as follows:

  • Practice Mindfulness to eliminate excessive chatter, multitasking and busyness.
  • Make time for solitude, to reflect and allow mental and physical restoration.
  • Negative and strong emotions cause a disconnect from out intuition. When there is a level of negativity, the need for a “course correction” is acknowledged and acted upon.
  • They pay attention to their dreams because they know dreams are a bridge between conscious and unconscious conflict.
  • They listen to their intuitive knowing and gut feelings, knowing to ignore this rich tapestry of information has consequences.
  • They know that intuition is a bridge to their creative well, which influences how they approach life in general.

There are many other reasons and ways to honor intuition that are individual to your needs and life style. For me, walking in the woods is an opener. Being around the majesty of trees, I can let go of the “think, think” go into my heart and be grateful. It is then that ideas tumble through. I know to bring a 3x5 card and a pencil to catch the murmurings, to remember later. Find what works for you.

Most people think that there is some hidden secret here that only applies to a chosen few. You are one of the chosen and you are one of many. Some may think this process is magical. It is not magical really; it is practical once you honor what you are already bringing to the table and uncover what to do with it.

My larger body of work gives you step by step process as to how to identify

What is holding you back, how to use your special gifts and how to align the conscious and unconscious, once I help you discover what is hidden and holding you back.

For the complete work go to Manifest an Incredible Life at  

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