Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight

What Successful Women Know about Manifestation, Part 3

Secrets Shared:

It is a pleasure to share with you another secret that I know for sure  gives women an edge in successful manifestation.  Not all of the secrets being shared apply to your needs however one or two can make a difference in level of your success. Most of us have an area: a trip wire  that we stumble over again and again. When this kind of thing happens, it means that you are out of alignment somewhere. Alignment means that  our inner and outer vibrations are in agreement: only then can we have that which we feel worthy to have.

Secret # 3: Break Some Rules!

Why do I Advocate Rebelling and Breaking Rules?

Women  determined to manifest a full abundant life know that they to  live by  rules that work for them, not somebody else’s “shoulds”.  Sometimes in the same family there is a double standard  a different set of rules for females than for males, giving females a overt or covert message of being less important.  Many women no matter how discouraged they are find enough of their own personal power become determined.  They decide that they will no longer have ignorant and or unconscious rules running their lives.  You can do this too, no matter how discouraged you are at this time.. If you need more help to get started continue reading, there is more help here for you. Sometimes it takes the fire of anger and rebellion to get started. Decide to no longer accept a philosophy that undervalues females.  Successful women examine  other people’s rules that no longer serve  them if they ever did, and let them go.

Since we can only Manifest that which we really at a deep level , women who manifest successfully know without a doubt that they cannot manifest what is right for them by following other people’s rules, whether the rules are from the family of origin, the schools , the Church or the community.

Usually  the rules and beliefs that stop us are not really ours anyway, as they  were downloaded into us, by well meaning  others, at young age. At the time we were too young to express, and if we did, who would listen. We had no choice but to take the rules and pronouncements in.  They were submerged into our unconscious as if they were our truth.

We may be living by second hand beliefs and not know that it  is the case until  we wonder why in spite of our best efforts we are experiencing the same struggles over and over. The repetitive problems fortunately will  be the push to search for answers.

Because early beliefs are submerged into our unconscious, we don’t know what is there: how to go about finding out, or what to do with what we find.   Much of what stops us is covert, or unconscious and until we heal the rift between the two, what we say we want and what actually happens  do not agree.

Women  frequently come to work with me at this point of discouragement. What is unknown and hidden has the power to harm, to prevent or steal happiness and joy.  In my work Manifest an Incredible Life Series, I show you how to find what is hidden, what to do with what you find. Once you learn how to  bring what you find into agreement, then and only then can you have what you truly desire.

Rebel towards: not only against:

I know that  asking you to rebel and  break rules goes against the usual guidance.   Successful women know  that you can’t have clarity and take the action best for you, if you’re living by secondhand rules. They know that to have the life they want to create, they have  to live by their own rules.

Women  ask themselves  critical questions, if other people’s rules are blocking my freedom and my growth, am I willing to be true to myself?  Am I then willing to rebel against the status quo?

Women who rebel stand up for what they believe, not to be against others, but to take a stand for what they believe is the best course for them even if it’s uncomfortable. .A rebel then is a person who stands up for what they value despite the urging of other people to be quiet.. This subject is covered in depth with examples of how and when it works and does not work in 3 Rules You Have to Break to Live a Life of Abundance, Love, Passion and Joy.

Rebel has two parts, one goes against something that isn’t working, but that is only half the story. The next step is to go towards something that will work for you, expand your life, and complete the circle. If you dread repercussions, start small. A large Neiman Markus version of rebellion is not needed to get started Even a small step out feeling of stuck  builds the confidence that is needed to take larger steps towards the life you desire and deserve.

Women, who know the secrets to creating the life they really want, choose to free up from living by other people’s rules. They do not flaunt this decision, but keep their own counsel, and go quietly about their business. There is danger in telling others who may be intimated about our decision to change, and take  action to go towards our dreams.. At first, our footing may not be firm enough to withstand the negative or unsupportive dialog.  In the beginning of our journey we are apt to be uncertain and a bit fragile in crossing another threshold, out of our familiar.

“If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive, do you think ghosts will do it after?”  (Kabir)

There is no perfect time, or state of mind, begin wherever you find yourself, now! The first step will uncover whatever courage you need to continue. Taking one step is never just one step, although it is the hardest and a most important one. The first step has the power to change you, thus change your life.  Do you want more in your life much more; you deserve to be happier, and you want some answers. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, this is the right place. For more in depth uncovering, understanding and healing of all that holds you back go to website

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