Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight

Powerful Questions helped me in my struggles

Laura: Just wanted you to know that your “Powerful Questions” E-Book, has helped me in my struggles to feel better about me and my life.

I keep a copy of it on the arm of my mediation chair. Every morning I allow the book to fall open to the Question that I most need to reflect on that day. If it is the same one as yesterday, that’s ok. I figure that means that I have some more work to do in that arena.

All of the Questions have opened my eyes and helped me. The one that has helped me the most and frequently opens, is the dog-eared chapter on Anger. Your take on anger helped me drop my usual cynical ways and learn how to speak more assertively without blame and heat. I know now, but am still learning how to use the passion in anger, just like you said, for passion in life (the good kind).

I have left a lot of my negative thinking behind. Sometimes I slip up, but I notice that I do not beat myself up as much as before. Thanks Laura.

Annette Dev…… Montreal, Canada.