Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight


There is more to being grateful   than the thanks we give, when we get what we desire. What about the things that did not come our way, by the grace of God.  Because the desire was formed with pride and ego, we could have been crushed and we were spared.

Can you get up in the morning, after no sleep and feed the children, to start the day with gratitude?

Can you be grateful for your confusing fog of not knowing which way to turn, which may be protecting you from stepping too quickly, or going in the wrong direction?

After the fog has lifted can you be grateful, even while being overwhelmed by the mystery of it all, not knowing if there is a dance floor on which to dance?

Can you stop and allow yourself to be filled with devotion and gratitude from the very essence of your being without the security of guarantees.

How long has it been since you slowed down and allowed a wave of gratitude to wash over you? If it has being a while, stop, reflect and do it now. Like everything worth doing, it is a practice.

Often it is people who have experienced misfortunes or have weathered a catastrophe who are more apt to express deep gratitude. Why does this happen?

Curious as to why this is the case; I found that a key to gratitude is inherent in a crisis.

For instance, a crisis stops us in our tracks; minimizes our usual distractions, thereby changing our usual energy fields.. When it is over we are not the same as before. This moment in time allows a space for a new pattern of behavior to be chosen; to begin.

Do not wait for a crisis!

“If the only prayer that you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice”.(Meister Eckhart)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I am grateful that you are in my life,



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