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Desciption for Manifestation

What Successful Women Know about Manifestation: Part 6

Secrets Shared:     

They Go Beyond the American Dream

Successful women learn that the American dream is not a terminal where you get off; but is just a resting place, at best. Held up as a place of aspiration and inspiration, it is a template to go towards when one is struggling in poverty, needing education and willing to work hard to improve quality of life. Even then for people who aspire and gain entrance; it is really just a temporary respite, if one is going to have meaningful, purposeful and abundant life. It is a place to reflect on what has been accomplished, knowing that this state is not completion.

What Successful Women know about Manifestation: Part 4

Secrets Shared!

Many women do not value and use their core strengths when they attempt to Manifest, and adopt the cultural version of success that works best for men.  Attempts to master the masculine, logical, linear way of doing things that works well for men, causes women to become discouraged and  feeling that something important is missing.  Actually, something important is missing when women overlook their strengths and adopt the masculine patterns of accomplishing their goals. When women become determined however, uncover and work with their feminine strengths they are unstoppable.

What Successful Women Know about Manifestation, Part 3

Secrets Shared:

It is a pleasure to share with you another secret that I know for sure  gives women an edge in successful manifestation.  Not all of the secrets being shared apply to your needs however one or two can make a difference in level of your success. Most of us have an area: a trip wire  that we stumble over again and again. When this kind of thing happens, it means that you are out of alignment somewhere. Alignment means that  our inner and outer vibrations are in agreement: only then can we have that which we feel worthy to have.

Secret # 3: Break Some Rules!


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